The Feeds I chose… and the method behind the madness…

I cannot stress enough how new I am to all of this… I’m a 24 year old with an immeasurable resistance to the changing times… but this is my Junior year in college so here I go with the feeds I chose:

1). New York Times: Because it’s the New York Times.  Even someone as out of touch with the world of communication as I am recognizes this as a familiar national news source.  

2) BBC News:  Forgive me for my lack of creativity in my search for news feeds, but this was one of the suggestions and I figure that someone as new to this as I should probably play it safe for now.  It’s okay–google reader and I are becoming good friends…

3) Army of Dude.  I am really happy I found this milblog.  The author of this one is a very descriptive writer, and the blog features photographs.  Aside from the blog postings, I love the links to other milblogs on the sidebar, which include a couple of the other blogsites I found interesting: The Sandbox, and Blackfive. The overwhelming sarcasm is a welcome bonus. 

4) podcasts.  [I did not even know what a podcast was until, um, yesterday] I found a couple here that I think will be helpful to relate some of the materials in this course to: Navy Marine Corps Video News, and SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio.  I have several friends that are serving, or have served, in the Navy so I have taken an interest in this branch of the military.  I am also very close with a handful of military wives, and I know that their involvement and support has a huge impact on the experiences of their husbands in the service.  Also, they provide great insight on how a soldier’s life affects all those who love them…

5) Google News search: War/Gaza/Conflict. I have learned a great deal about the background of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  I find it impossible to stand on either side of the fence on this issue.  I try to keep as informed about this ongoing conflict as possible, hoping to see progress made in the direction of peace between these nations someday.


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